Flexium Strengthen Cartilages & Joints Supplement (30 Tablets Ea.)

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Flexium is all you need
It is a dietary supplement that helps strengthen cartilage and restore joint flexibility, helping to restore their health and functionality.
It is a natural alternative for joint pain caused by osteoarthritis, physical activity, wear and tear of age, sedentary life, hormonal changes, among others.
● Prevents and delays joint deterioration
● Keeps joints healthy
● Relieves Pain and Increases Mobility Non-Denatured

Collagen Type II: Dual
action: collaborates in the reconstruction of cartilage by avoiding joint wear and tear, while promoting lubrication.
It is the main component of cartilage. Its main function is to offer resistance to pressure and give strength and elasticity to fabrics.
Daily supplementation of non-denatured Type II Collagen helps to:
● Achieve greater mobility, flexibility and amplitude of the joints.
● Relieve joint pain caused by intense exercise.
● Recover joint mobility lost over the years.
● Reduce discomfort caused by sedentary life.
● Prevent and stop erosion and wear of articular cartilage by contributing to the natural regeneration of cartilage.

It also has VITAMIN C and VITAMIN B5

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