Inecto Hair Coloring Kit Rapid Look 7.4 Blonde Copper Carrot (1 Kit)

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Kit Rapid LOOK 7.4 Carrot Copper Blonde is a color that has always been in effect and never goes out of style. * It is synonymous with originality and is one of the colors that gives the face the most luminosity, framing the features, defining contours and enhancing the eyes.* Permanent Color with Keratin and Aloe Vera. * 100% gray coverage
*Vibrant and longer lasting colors
*More shine and softness for your hair
*Ultra protective action of keratin
*Protect hair with intensive moisturizing aloe vera
*21 bright shades Complete dyeing
kit with: activator, dyeing knob, ALOE VERA sap ELIXIR ( to mix with the coloring), post-coloring treatment 2 sachets one for use on the day of coloring (KERATINIZING mask after coloring) and another for subsequent washing (KERATINIZING mask extending color), gloves, Instructional booklet.
How to use: 1) Mix the color knob with the activator and aloe vera sap elixir, mix until you get a homogeneous cream, 2) apply and leave the time you say in the instructional booklet, 3) rinse with plenty of warm water until no more color comes out, then apply the keratinizing mask leave on for a few minutes and rinse, 4) in the next wash use the second color prolonging keratinizing mask sachet.
Important: if you are allergic or in doubt take the test indicated in the booklet attached in the kit.

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