Tio Nacho Purification Shampoo (415ml / 14.03fl oz)

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Tío Nacho Purificación Shampoo, with royal jelly and plant stem cells, deeply cleanses the hair, leaving it clean, looking healthy and nourished for up to 48hrs.
[PURIFICATION] With all the power of plant stem cells, purify your hair by leaving it clean for up to 48hrs.
[INNOVATION] The first line with plant stem cells
[REALLY NATURAL] Tío Nacho Shampoo Purification contains is free of dyes, parabens and silicones.
[FOR MIXED HAIR] Tío Nacho Purificación, for normal to mixed hair, with oily roots and dry ends, provides scalp cleansing and nutrition at the tips.
[DAILY USE] Apply sufficient amount to wet hair, distributing with a light scalp massage. Rinse with water and repeat if necessary.

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