Vichy Dercos Kera Solutions Shampoo (250Ml / 8.45Fl Oz)

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Dercos Kera-Solutions shampoo reconstructs hair damaged by chemical, thermal, mechanical and UV rays.

Dercos Kera-Solutions shampoo treats hair damaged by chemical, thermal, mechanical and uv rays. This treatment rebuilds the hair by reducing the damage associated with keratin loss. The rejuvenating shampoo has a dose of pro keratin complex in optimal concentrations (2.0%) and other ingredients that manage to identify the most affected areas of the fiber for precise repair and cleansing without damaging the scalp. REPAIRED HAIR AND A HEALTHY SHINE FROM THE FIRST USE, CLINICALLY PROVEN. -Reduces 63% * of the breakage of the hair fiber. -Anti-frizz and moisture-wicking action for 48 hours**. -Rebuilds damaged hair, respecting the integrity of the scalp. -Moisturizes the hair. *Instrumental test for joint use of shampoo, mask and serum. Evaluation of damage to the hair surface. ** Instrumental test after application of shampoo, mask and serum. Clinically proven efficacy from first use: Repaired hair and healthy shine from the root. Application: Daily use. Apply shampoo to scalp and damp hair. Gently massage and rinse. For high repair of damaged hair, use the full 3-step protocol: Step 1: Dercos Kera Solution Rejuvenating Shampoo. Step 2: Dercos Kera-Solutions Repair Mask. Step 3: Dercos Kera-Solutions Tip Repair Serum

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