Whey Protein Hardcore Gold

Flavor: Chocolate
Pak: 1
Sale price$8.99


Brand: Whey Protein Hardcore
Type of supplement: Whey protein
Name:  whey protein
Powder supplement format
Type of container Bag
Units per container 1
DISPLAY: 1 kilo of powder. Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla flavor.
HOW TO USE: Basic recommendation: a measure after training, dissolved in water or skim milk.
Ideal enhancer option: Consume 1 measure in the middle of the morning and one in the afternoon, or 1 half hour before training and 1 half hour after training.
Certified raw materials: Number of RNE and number of RNPA authorized and tested.
All the raw material is controlled and tested to guarantee the indicated values. the RNE and RNPA are printed on the bag. It includes the approved labeling with the expiration date, the approved barcode and the expiration date. 

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