Yerba Mate Cruz De Malta, 2.2 Lbs Each Bag, 3-Pack 35.2 Ounces

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Yerba Mate Cruz de Malta, 2.2 Lbs each bag, 3-pack 35.2 Ounces

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  • One of Argentina's finest Yerba Mate
  • three 2.2 bags of Yerba Mate

How to brew Yerba Mate … and the use of the gourd and bombilla Brewing Yerba Mate needs time and an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, two ingredients that have become pretty scarce nowadays. A mate (the gourd) half full of yerba (the leaves) and a bombilla (the tube with the strainer or tea drinking straw) are also needed, The cebador (the person in charge of preparing the mate, or master of ceremonies) will then put his wet hand on the mate and shake it so that the powder, which comes with the yerba, will stick to his hand and so prevent the bombilla from getting blocked. This is the moment in which the bombilla has to be stuck into the mate and the water poured into it in such a way, that it has to glide along the bombilla, not wetting the yerba at the top…

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